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All money in Wurm is represented by coins of various metals. Coins can only be obtained from in-game NPC traders and through the Wurm online Shop. The Shop sells coins at a rate of 10 Euro per 6 Silver coin.

Official denominations

The Bank of Wurm states the lowest currency unit in Wurm to be one iron coin (1i).

Furthermore, the following denominations apply:

  • One hundred iron coins (100i) = One copper coin (1c)
  • One hundred copper coins (100c) = One silver coin (1s)
  • One hundred silver coins (100s) = One gold coin (1g)
1i = 0.01c = 0.0001s = 0.000001g
100i = 1c = 0.01s = 0.0001g
10,000i = 100c = 1s = 0.01g
1,000,000i = 10,000c = 100s = 1g

See also

  • Bank account
  • Miron - the unit used in Wurm's economy logging system
  • Shopping contains a calculator for adding up different amounts of coins. Good for working out just how much something will cost you.

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