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...This is a very rare and interesting version of the item.

Players may occasionally succeed in creating or finding rare, supreme or even fantastic items. Tools may be faster, weapons may do more damage, and armour could protect the wearer a bit better. These special items may also be made as you improve on regular items and those rare items may stand a chance to turn into a supreme or fantastic item. Constructing new items using rare materials may, albeit a very small chance, turn the unfinished item into a rare item. Consuming a rare material when improving has a 1/100 possibility to transfer rarity.

A "drum-roll" and visual cue appears when your chance to create or generate a rare item arises. The visual cue is a green halo which will surround the border of the screen, lasting a fraction of a second.

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Sacrificing rare items at an altar has a high chance to provide 99% nutrition, water and food. There is also a chance that sacrificing one of these items will heal you should you be wounded.

Rare functionality

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Note: Rare functionality is still not completely understood and is an exciting aspect of the game. Most information listed is only an observation of one or more players rather than confirmed by developers.

General observations

Rare tools typically receive 10% less damage during use and provide a small speed boost to action timers, of around 0.1 second. If they're being used to extract raw materials or to create new items (e.g. hatchet, shovel or anvil) then there is a chance that the quality cap for the by-product will be 1 point higher than if a standard item was used. For example, if using a pickaxe on a silver vein then you may receive ore which is one point in quality above your own standard cap.

Enchantments appear to decrease less over time, and with use, lockpicks don't break so often and fishing rods may catch more rare fish. The general idea is that whatever the standard item does the rare, supreme or fantastic item does it better. Gems store more favour, healing items give better effects and lamps glow brighter.

Looking at weapons, these tend to hit harder and faster, while armour and shields protect more and takes less damage. Vehicles may travel faster, up to 0.72km/h, and containers are harder to pick. Animal equipment aids with speed boosts (also up to 0.72km/h).

Some of the many observations not listed here may be found on the this article's talk page.


  • Items have a subtle pulsating graphical effect. The pulsating graphic effect is also different colors depending on the rarity: rare items are white, supreme are blue, and fantastic items are gold.
  • Items sometimes create their own item tree in inventory lists. Keep an eye out for those which don't!
  • Some items have a chance to retain their rarity when combining with other non-rare items.
  • Rare materials may not be put in a bulk storage bin or food storage bin.
  • All types of item can become 'rare', but not all of them have advantages.
  • Using a rare or supreme bow string to string a bow makes it lose the status and become a normal bow string.

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Developer comments

  • When rare items were introduced players were told "You get approximately 1 chance of 50% each hour to create a rare item." What this actually means to game play is unknown. The odds of creating a rare seem to be much higher than improving an item and making it rare.
  • 14th January 2014, Rolf: There is already a chance that using rare materials transfer to the thing you create or improve. Consuming a rare material when improving has a 1/100 possibility to transfer rarity. When improving or polishing a drum roll doesn't always mean rarity. The window is 20 seconds plus up to 10 of village faith creation bonus.