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Please note: All of these maps are player-made, and may be subject to player or kingdom bias. Take them with a grain of salt.

See this article if you are seeking information on the in-game World map.

The map is not the territory ~ Alfred Korzybski

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Current Maps


Wurm server travel map by Ingmar is no longer accurate with the introduction of Xanadu and has been moved to obsolete maps.

Epic Server Cluster

- Affliction
- Desertion
- Elevation
- Serenity

Freedom Server Cluster

- Independence
Old Independence Maps, no longer updated:
- Deliverance
Old Deliverance Maps, no longer updated.
  • Deliverance map By Tpikol
  • Deliverance Updated Map By Trencal. Created from the server map dump and combined with the deed information and key from Darkmalice's discontinued project below. Forum Thread is where updates are posted.
  • Searchable Deli Map By Axeblade - Updated by Seara. it is a searchable version of Trencal's map. The map's Image is fetched directly from Trencal's site.
  • Deliverance By MamaDarkness.
- Exodus
Old Exodus Maps, no longer updated.
- Celebration
Old Celebration Maps, no longer updated.
- Pristine
Old Pristine Maps, no longer updated.
- Release
Old Release Maps, no longer updated.
- Xanadu
Old Xanadu Maps, no longer updated.
- Chaos


Valrei is the setting for the Gods scenarios, relating to Epic missions.

Redundant Maps (Offline Servers)

Note: The lands these maps depict no longer exist, see above for current maps.

Server Transfer Map

Golden Valley Server

The Golden Valley lives on as the tutorial server, but travel to these lands is no longer possible.

  • [[2]] - West New Dawn; *[[3]] - East New Dawn. (Maps by Notchmand)

Mol Rehan Home Server

Jenn Kellon Home Server

Gold 1

Alpha / Beta maps

Astro research archive