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Maximum slope

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Main / Misc / Maximum slope


Wall plans for houses can only be built in flat land (0 slope), regardless of skill.

Walls and fences

To calculate the maximum slope you can build on, based on your carpentry or masonry skill, use the following formula submitted by Ketza:

Max slope = (3 *skill) + 10

Skill Max Slope Skill Max Slope Skill Max Slope
6 17 25 25 59 33
8 18 29 26 64 34
9 19 33 27 70 35
12 20 36 28 76 36
14 21 41 29 81 37
16 22 45 30 88 38
19 23 49 31 94 39
22 24 54 32

Note: Maximum slope is rounded down

Alternatively, to find the skill required for a given slope, use this formula:

Skill = (slope - 10)^2 / 9

This answer gets rounded up instead.

Note: These skill limits do not apply when building small stone walls at cave entrances.

Two corners going into 1 corner can result in a "hidden edge" being steeper than 20 making it unable for animal driven carts to walk up. To find out if this hidden edge is steeper than 20 you need to use the Pythagoras Theorem by taking the two slope numbers and filling in the formulae. You can use this calculator.


The sum of the north-south and east-west slope must not exceed 8 dirts.

For example if a tile has a slope of 6 dirts from north to south, the maximum slope from east to west is 2 dirts.

Another example, the north to south and east to west slopes may be 4 dirts steep each.


When tunneling to create a new mine entrance, the maximum slope of the rock tile you are tunneling into is 270.


The maximum slope you can dig on is 3 x [your digging skill]. E.g. A skill of 50.25 in digging means you can dig on, or adjacent to, a slope of up to 151 dirt.

Surface Mining

On PVE servers, the maximum slope you can mine on the surface is 3 x [your mining skill]. E.g. A skill of 50.25 in mining means you can surface-mine on, or adjacent to, a slope of up to 151 dirt.

On PvP servers, the maximum slope you can mine on the surface is 1 x [your mining skill].