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This is the main page for the Wurmpedia wiki community where you can read more about the Wurmpedia projects, roadmap and also if you're looking for something to collaborate on.

To learn more about the Wurmpedia, head over to the About article where you can read up on our governance and find out how to get yourself an account.

Adding information to the wiki is only the first step; the information needs to be easy to find, understand, and improve on. Here you will find the Wurmpedia Team's roadmap to a better Wurmpedia.

If you're looking for information about Wurm Online itself, try the Main Page or complete DB.

Getting involved

Even if you are not an editor or on the Wurmpedia Team, you can still help keep the Wurmpedia up to date and relevant. There is a section of the Wurm Online forum where you can post your ideas and updates, each under their respective page title. A member of the Wurmpedia Team or an editor will help get the information you've provided added to the wiki.


The Wurmpedia team are actively running projects behind the scenes to give the Wurmpedia a new lick of life, just like any development this may not be immediately apparent to the rest of the universe, so in order to keep transparency we're listing our projects below. Feel free to suggest new projects on the Wurmpedia / Wiki maintenance forum section.

In progress

  • Moving settlement, player history, game history, and player guides to their appropriate new namespaces of Lore, Historical and Guides.
  • Creating official, Wurmpedia-staff managed guides to help players get started and help with common issues new players may go through.
  • Templates are being added to pages with near identical information in order to ease the editing process.
  • Creature pages will be gone over for uniformity, cleanliness, accuracy, and overall flow of the articles.
  • Item pages will be gone over to ensure they match the ingame crafting tree.
  • Articles without updates in a long time will have a look over to ensure all information is still accurate.
  • Extensive look over unconfirmed information that may have made its way on the wiki, meaning either testing or removal of false information.
  • Going over of pages in the Terrain, Bushes, Cave tiles, and Trees categories to ensure all objects are there, information is updated, and overall flow of pages is consistent.
  • Bridge pages will be reviewed, updated, researched, and get a revamp.
  • Container page will be revamped, information updated, missing information added.
  • Alchemy items will be reviewed, updated, and verified.


  • Disambiguation pages have been combed over for uniformity and relevance, adding new articles where appropriate.
  • Broken file links have been fixed or removed.
  • Templates have been gone over, removing irrelevant and unused ones and ensuring descriptions are available to help editors understand what each one is for.
  • Many inaccurate page descriptions have been fixed.
  • Spell page links have been fixed


If you have an editor account and would like to get involved, here are a few things you can do.